Dear faithful followers, I’ve moved! I’ve been given the delightful opportunity to co-blog with a dear friend of mine – who is also super crafty and awesome. We’re just getting things rolling with our new blog, but we’re excited to see where it takes us! The new address is: ofmessesandmirrors.wordpress.com I hope to see you … Continue reading

Resolution Board and Box

  The original inspiration for this idea came from this little number. But I took it a step further! What’s the point of making all those cute little resolution cards if you don’t have a cute way to display them to the world? So I came up with this, the resolution board – perfect for … Continue reading

Re-Usable Calendar

I call this a re-usable calendar, because the days are not specific! You can use it for recording all the things you do throughout the year. When one year is over, just move to the next line on the note card and start again! It keeps me motivated to do something note worthy each day – … Continue reading

My Appologies

My appologies faithful readers and followers! I’ve been busy with school and finding a job, not enough time or money to craft! I have a half-finished project I hope to finish and post later this week, and then I’ll be sad/happy to say that that will probably be my last on this blog… Because I’m moving!! … Continue reading


I have another addiction – or maybe it’s a fuel to the fire of my craft addiction – and it’s name is Pinterest. What’s “Pinterest” you ask? Well my friends, let me just say this…it’s awesome. I see it as the 21st century’s version of collecting magazine or newspaper articles. You know when you read something … Continue reading

Hello, My Name’s Casey, and I’m a craft-aholic

Welcome to my blog! I’ll start by introducing myself: My name’s Casey, and I’m a craft-aholic. Anything DIY, I want to DIM (do-it-myself)! I’ve always had a crafty side, but most recently I’ve become fully engulfed by the pintrest craze and have racked up so many ideas that I can’t stand to not make them. … Continue reading